Application Instructions (Last Appropriated in 2011)

EAC has streamlined the process for requesting and receiving requirements payments. We are asking states to submit the signed certification and assurances forms at the time the certification letter requesting funds is submitted. This will allow us to expedite the award process.

EAC has provided the following resources to help officials obtain requirements payments, including 2011 funds and remaining 2008, 2009 and 2010 funds

HAVA Title III and Minimum Payment Amount Certifications

Learn how a state may use requirements payments to carry out activities to improve the administration of elections for federal office outside of the activities listed under Title III of HAVA. Find out which states have certified that they comply with HAVA Title III requirements and which states may expend up to the minimum payment amount to improve administration of federal elections before complying with Title III.

Contact Information

The Grants Division can be reached via email at

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